Download & Print ~ Set of 9 Canine Health Charts Size 8.5 x 11


Download and print your complete set of 10 Dog Health Records at home!

Canine Health Records truly are the most powerful tool for you and your dog.

How many times have you looked at your dog and said, “Somethings just not right with him”?  The best and most accurate way of knowing and spotting any problems is to have a record what his ‘normal’ is.  Did you change his food?  Does he have a temperature?  Has he stopped eating?  Is his coat dull?

When you have historical information for your dog regarding his health and habits, it is much easier for you or your vet to rule out and or, pre-determine any problems.

Individual Canine Information, Vaccination & De-Worming, Vet, Breeding, Whelping, Feed, Dental, Show Results, Telephone Directory and Expenses.. this is all a lot to remember!  So write it down, keep a file for each dog, or a Kennel Management Binder with separate tabbed sections.

This 10 page Canine Health Record System is great if you have a kennel of dogs to look after.  You can document your information in any way that suits you the best!


Having all this detailed information on hand can help you understand what does, and does not work for your dog, it will save you money in vet bills and it could even save his life.

If you have one dog, then the Individual Canine Health Records will work great for you.  It consists of 2 8.5 x 11” pages with detailed Canine Health Charts.  (It’s the same information as the 9 chart package, just in a smaller space).

If you have more dogs to manage, then the 9 Pack of Canine Health Records will be very easy to record all of the pack in one place.

Download and print your canine health record charts today!


8.5 x 11” prints on regular letter size paper.

What You Get is 9 Charts/Records Including: 

Print any of these charts out as many times as you want!

  • Telephone Directory (Vets number should always be first)
  • Vaccination & De-worming Chart
  • Vet Chart
  • Dental Records
  • Show Results
  • Expenses
  • Breeding Schedule
  • Whelping Chart
  • Feed Schedule
  • Individual Canine Information

You will receive (instant download) .pdf files, which are ready to be printed at home on any type of printer. Please note that these .pdf files are not editable. They are made to be printed as is.

*** Your files will be available to download once your payment is confirmed.  Your confirmation of order will come up with a thumbnail photo of the product, and words beside it with word DOWNLOAD – the title to the right is the file.  Click that link, open with whichever browser or PDF reader you choose, save to your computer, then print!
** Example of Checkout with File below.


* Please be sure to save a copy to your computer.* 
Once purchased, these pages can be saved to your computer and printed out as many times as you like, and your Canine Health Planner can continue to grow and be an amazing historical health record.

Instant Download.  No physical products will be shipped to you.  Please note:  These charts are for your own personal use.  Please do not share your templates with anyone else – selling these is how we feed our own dogs!

There are NO returns, exchanges or cancellations for downloadable products. Please feel free to contact me if you have any problems with your order.

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